Telling the Archer’s Tale

archer. journey to stonehenge


ARCHER, Journey to Stonehenge

Jane Brayne

I’ve been working towards writing and drawing this book for a long time. At last the story is finalised and the artwork is well under way. I hope to have it finished later this year. Aimed at children aged around 9 – 12, it’s in the comic strip genre, with speech bubbles and a fast-moving story.

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In 2002 a team from Wessex Archaeology, led by Professor Andrew Fitzpatrick, excavated the burial of a prehistoric man on a hillside at Amesbury, about two miles from Stonehenge. In his grave they found copper daggers, flint arrowheads, gold hair tress rings, beaker pots and much more – around 100 objects in all. One of the man’s ribs and his left kneecap were missing. Visit for more info.


A day or two later I had a ‘phone call from Andrew. Wessex had put out a press…

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